Baby Walker newborn portraits by Stephanie Neal Photography

Park City, Utah portrait photographer Stephanie Neal

© Stephanie Neal Photography

These are some of my favorite people! I’ve known Wes and Sarah for over 15 years. When they started procreating I could not have been more thrilled, not only because they are such a fun, awesome couple, but because I get to document their growing family at every stage! After this shoot of their new baby Walker we all felt like we’d run a marathon, but the final images are so beautiful it makes you forget all the blood (not really) sweat and tears involved in their creation :)

Leah, Music Composer- By Stephanie Neal Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph Leah a few weeks ago. She asked if I would take some headshots while she was in town from Los Angeles for the Park City Film Music Festival. She is a very very rare thing in this universe… a female music composer! Apparently you can pretty much count them on one hand. She was super cool, completely trusted my vision, and was Australian to boot! All things I love…

Musical Conductor

Leah, musical conductor

Costa Rica – By Park City, Utah based Stephanie Neal Photography

For the second part of my 2012 back to back shoots with Kobi, we traveled to Costa Rica! It was really rough, working non-stop, horrible conditions…ok, ok, actually it was an amazing, fun packed girls trip with a little photography thrown in the mix :) I brought 3 of my best girlfriends from Park City, and we lounged by the pool , went ziplining , drove to Manuel Antonio National Park, and didn’t get around to taking any pictures until our second to last day there!! Not bad for two days of shooting :)

Kobi 2012-second shoot (Costa Rica)

Park City, Utah based photographer Stephanie Neal- Best of Costa Rica

New Orleans Photos by Stephanie Neal Photography

Park City, Utah Photographer Stephanie Neal

Stephanie Neal Photography in New Orleans

Park City, Utah Photographer Stephanie Neal

Stephanie Neal Photography in New Orleans

New Orleans is a magical place, with a spirit that overwhelms the senses. The photographic possibilities are endless, inspiration lurking around every corner.

I hadn’t been there since Hurricane Katrina, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was awed by the strength and perseverance of the people that had seen the worst, and somehow carried on. Almost 7 years later there is still a chill in the air, a desperation not found in previous visits. Time has stood still for so many of the houses, still marked by waterlines around the exteriors, shifted foundations, and disturbing “X”s on the front porch.

Special thanks to Stacy, who generously drove us around her city, assisted on our shoots, and gave me a new appreciation for a city I have always loved!